1. Purpose and objectives;
2. OCR;
3. Organizer;
4. General rules;
5. Distance;
6. Participants;
7. Clothing, equipment;
8. Penalties;
9. Venue and Time of the Event;
10. Awarding.

1. Purpose and objectives

1.1. Promoting the the National Armed Forces and the profession of soldier;
1.2. To promote obstacle race (hereinafter referred to as OCR (obstacle course race)) for Latvian army, soldiers of NATO partner countries, employees of Ministry of Defense and Interior, inhabitants of Latvia;
1.3. Promote the patriotism of the population and create a sense of unity with soldiers in the race;
1.4. Increase the number of active athletes by involving citizens in sporting leisure activities;
1.5. Identify the strongest members of women, men, youth, as well as teams at different distances and age groups..

2. OCR

Trail running  where natural, artificial and mental obstacles of various difficulty levels must be overcome during running. The obstacle race provides strength, strength, agility, speed training and testing.

3. Organizer

The competition is organized by the Special Operations Command and Special Operations Unit. Contact

4. General rules

4.1. Participants must be at least 14 years of age at the event;
4.2. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible person who signs the application form or has a parental or guardian's signed permission to participate in the competition;
4.3. The participant can apply only for one distance;
4.4. By signing up for the competition, participants confirm that they do not oppose the use of photos and video material taken by ARMY TOUGH RUN for any ARMY TOUGH RUN marketing and advertising activities;
4.5. It is forbidden to violate the instructions of the competition judges and organizers during the competition;
4.6. Organizers reserve the right to change and amend these Terms, Procedures and Requirements at any time before and during the Event by announcing it on;
4.7. Organizers are not responsible for possible injuries of participants during the competition;
4.8. Upon registration, each participant will be provided with an envelope with a number, a Sportident and participant's cuff. The cuff must be placed on the right hand before the start and must be visible throughout the race;
4.9. The time spent in the distance is fixed with the help of Sportident. At the finish, Sportident must be returned to the organizers. Penalty for not returning EUR 62;
4.10. Each participant of the competition confirms with his signature before the start of registration that he is acquainted with the competition regulations and takes full responsibility for the suitability of his health for the distance;<